CEO Tomohide Maki

In Japan these days, while the importance of expanding shareholder value is recognized by many business owners, the "importance of IR activities" has begun to be widely understood not only in the stock market but also in society as a whole.
For management and IR, in addition to tackling issues such as the rise of activist funds in recent years, fund passiveization, and rising ESG investment, IR activities in response to the new society of the corona era. It is necessary to search for.

I have been involved in many IR meetings and road shows as Corporate Access Officer for nearly 20 years at Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Deutsche Securities. Taking advantage of that experience, I would like to help Japanese listed corporate to improve and expand its corporate value (Making it happen).

In addition to my own experience so far, I would like to provide the best IR services to business companies by making full use of the know-how provided by our company and domestic and overseas partner companies that have already been provided.


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