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As the Japanese operator of Spark Plus in Singapore, we arrange IR roadshows and video conferencing targeting investors in Singapore and Hong Kong.

・In Asia, the assets under management of Japanese stocks are growing in the medium term, and we will arrange meetings targeting those investors in regions where investors who are actively investing in small and medium-sized stocks are concentrated. For the time being, meetings will be centered on video conferencing.
・Based on the wishes of each operating company and advice from our company with a wealth of experience and knowledge, we will make full use of Spark Plus’s network and use the conventional targets of SWF and global funds. In addition, we can offer meeting arrangements with fast-growing family office investors with limited access.

Providing the following services to operating companies with annual and semi-annual contracts

・Arrangement of IR roadshows and virtual meetings targeting investors in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia
・Arrangement of required logistics, attendance at meetings, provision of investor feedback
・Invitation to sectoral and thematic conferences Investor targeting and response advice
・English material advice, annual schedule, IR communication tool advice
・Assistance in managing external databases such as Bloomberg and providing information to SNS

Major target investors

Family offices are attractive target investors for businesses

・A family office is an institution that manages and manages the assets of wealthy people and their families who own a certain amount of assets. In the past, the wealthy people in Europe and the United States were the main customers, but in recent years, the wealthy people in Asia are also increasing.
・Long-only investment style. We have a limited number of stocks and invest in stocks with a high commitment. Therefore, the holding period is long, and it is often the case that a long- term friendly relationship is established with the management of the operating company.
・The investment amount per issue is about 100-500 million yen, but it is attractive enough for small and medium-sized issuers and can be a target for private offerings.
・Since the assets under management per company are limited, there are many cases where family office investors do not have coverage from securities companies, but considering future growth potential, this is considered to be of high importance.

Major Family Office Investors

Country Company Brief Description
USA Schiff Family Office Ticket size 100-250k. Made his money in discount housing in Macao and Vegas
Singapore Ng Family Office Investor in small-cap companies. Usually allocated 50-250k. Open mandate.
Singapore Aglaia Family Office
Singapore First Degree Global
Singapore Raffles Family Office
Singapore Asiamin Family Office
Singapore Corecam Family Office
Singapore Das Family Office
Hong Kong Major Domus Family Office

Consulting for the entire IR

We provide consulting for a wide range of IR operations in general to business companies that lack the personnel and experience of the IR department.

・Formulation of overall IR strategy
・Formulation of IR targeting strategy
・Assistance in creating equity stories
・Assistance in creating materials for investors
・Advice for investor response

Investor targeting strategy formulation

・While awareness of the importance of IR activities is fully shared within the company, its resources are often limited, so efficient efforts are always required.
・On the other hand, regarding the response to investors, there are many cases where they are busy responding to requests without setting the basic policy. There are some cases where the results are not fully satisfactory.
・The following three points are important for the realization of effective IR activities.

・Reconfirmation of purpose
・Setting of target investors
・Approach strategy

Investor targeting approach example

【Confirmation of IR activity purpose】
・Minimization of stock price volatility
・Acquisition of stable shareholders
・Increase in liquidity
・Expansion of customer base
【Analysis of your company’s current situation】
・Understanding existing shareholders
・Current status of investor response
・Understanding perception in the stock market
・Understanding business strategy and growth prospects
【Investor targeting】
・-Creating a list of target investors considering your IR strategy, sector, market capitalization, growth potential, etc.
Advice on how to respond to investor requests

Other services

Depending on your needs, we can also provide the following services by making full use of our network.

・Arrangement of virtual general meetings of shareholders
・Providing programs that enable the development of individual investors
・Providing programs that enable the efficiency of meeting arrangement operations with institutional investors
・Providing research coverage services
・Japan for Western companies Arrange meetings with institutional investors and provide advisory services regarding overseas M & A